Insured Digital Asset Custody

Fully Insured

Best-in-class protections are immediately available from US$5,000,000 to US$100,000,000 and over, underwritten by A rated London-based insurers.

Bring Your Own

MetaVault is also available without bundled insurance. Thanks to extensive due diligence it can often be used with 3rd party insurance policies, to suit your needs.


Operating as MetaVault since 2018, the solution was built by London-based blockchain experts operating continuously since 2014.

Extensive Crypto Support

Asset coverage is a priority for MetaVault. We support Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and many other coins including: ERC20-based tokens; Litecoin (LTC); and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).


Forks, airdrops and staking – the digital equivalent of entitlements – can arrive out of the blue, requiring extensive analysis and very careful implementation. We can handle it for you.

Value Added Services

MetaVault™ underpins NOUS®'s rapidly growing portfolio of institutionally focused cryptographic and blockchain services. We will shortly announce a number of options to generate additional returns on the assets we hold for you.

Contact Us

MetaVault™ is working with selected partners to offer its services in a number of industries and use-cases.
Contact [email protected] to learn more.

The Team